Choose Best Credit Card for You

Choose Best Credit Card for You

There are several credit cards from several banks. If you are doing well in life, you would get hoards of credit cards in your wallet. However, it might not be smart choice. With dire consequences of online thefts, it might be best to employ a tech-savvy and financially smart strategy to select the few suitable credit cards for you rather than the multitudes available today that increase your vulnerability.


For most corporate employees, one of the most must-have cards is your corporate credit card. This card is necessary for all your official expenses. You must understand your corporate policy in terms of inclusions and exclusions. Reputed banks offer great discounts, cash backs or reward points on air travel, accommodation, fuel payments and bill payment. If your work includes travel or other services, you will use corporate credit card for such matters. However, avoid making any personal payments via this card. In other words, you should use this card for travel purchase but not personal shopping on the same journey. Yet, it depends on your company policy rather than the credit card.


For personal usage, you can have credit cards based on the frequency of your purchases. The best credit card for shopping in a specific shopping centre is co-branded one. You can have travel-specific or airline specific credit card if you are a frequent traveller.  Yet, it is best to not accumulate credit card for each expense. Use co-branded credit card for major leisure expense and use platinum or titanium credit card with great cash back policy for the rest of the expenses such as utility bills, shopping, etc.


It is far easy to opt for your banking partner for the credit card you want.  However, you should check the major banking services before selecting it. The benefit from this strategy is that you can choose to align with the right banking partner for co-branded credit card. For example: You may have a titanium credit card from one bank. But, if you are a frequent flyer with a particular carrier, you should choose the credit card partner that helps you get maximum reward points with co-branded credit card. So, research for the best credit card to suit your needs.  Find the right partner for your cash back program.  If you are a doctor or a teacher, you should opt for the professional-specific credit card that would assist you optimize your expenses and earn more rewards.  So make a smart move with your credit cards and work with banking partner dedicated to serve your needs better.

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