Finance your retirement using bank finance

Finance your retirement using bank finance

Individuals and businesses have used financial leverage (other people’s money)for a very long time, with great success. But, as is true with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. A business that borrows excessively on the hope of future prospects, without considering the potential risks associated with additional debt cost, and the necessity of continued positive cash flow are said to be “over leveraged”. This was a common practice in the boom times of the recent past but became a huge problem when the economy slowed down.Many self-made millionaires built their fortunes in real estate using leverage to buy properities with little or nothing down and watched it all crumble as the real estate bubble burst and values declined. Financial Leverage(personal loans/other peoples money)is a great tool but it must be used wisely.


1. The lender extends a commercial loan to you are your business, based upon financial and business performance.Usually a credit score about 600 will get you preapproved within 48 hours.

2. Proceeds of the loan are directly deposited into a principal, protected, insurance—life insurace and /or annities.Therefore no other collacteral is required.

3.The loan servicing is done through the business  or yourself, with no personal guarantee and without putting the owner’s assets in jeopardy.

4.upon retirement, the business pays off the remaining balance of the loan, leaving enough to provide for the planned annual retirement income.

5, The commercial loan is repaid interet only, usually about 2-4.5%, monthly.

6 The interest can be written off on taxes as expense.


Business owner age 40

Retirement time line: 25 years

Annual retirement icome goal: $200,000 pre-tax



$125,492                $53,946               $71,546

Savings required over 25 years:     $3,137,300              $1,348,653          $1,88,647

When you compare traditional savings versus  bank  financed savings,the difference is amazing.The annual savings required is reduced by $71,546 and the total amount required over 25 years is cut by $1,788,647. Using the power of Financial leverage, bank financed savings, the entrepreneur /business owner can fully fund his retirement for about 40% of the cost of traditional methods!

a)  no personal guarantee

b)  Principal protected

c) Earns compound interest while you pay simple interest only


e) may be a business tax deduction

f) Can be set up in as little as 48 hours

g) Can fully fund your retirement in 1 day!

Financial leverage/bank financed savings, is an amazing and powerful tool for retirement planning and wealth creation.Business professionals and individuals  are in a unique position to take advantage of The Power of Financial Leverage.Due to recent economic downturn, millions are moving to bank financed savings/ leveraged strategies to catch up on their retirement savings and rebuild wealth.

Financial Leverage Action Steps:

1. write down your retirement dreams and life goals.

2. determine exactly where you are, financially, on the road to your retiement dreams. Are you certain you have enough money to last more than 20 years of retiremenrt?

3.Do the math and know the real cost of your estimated 20-30 years of   retirement, based upon the quality of life you want to live.

4. Complete an application for bank finance at-

and see how the process works. No upfront cost to you.

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