Gold Prices…. Will they go up or come down??

Gold Prices…. Will they go up or come down??

Are you looking forward to buy that gold coin for prosperity, hoping for a decline in the gold prices today so that you can buy more gold instead of that solitary coin? Have you been reading up on forecasts in the newspaper that are predicting a slump, but you find your jeweller’s gold price today is higher than what it was last week and you end up thinking wish you knew what those gold price predictions were for the next week. The next few lines will give you an idea of what gold price and silver price predictions are likely to be.

Gold prices in India had declined following government’s action to levy a 2-10% on the imports, in its bid to stabilize the falling rupee. This action saw a decline of around 8-10% on the mcx live prices for gold fuelling speculation of a further decline. However, markets have rallied and with festivals in India following one another that sparked increased demand the gold prices today have gone up.For gold price predictions consider the fact that prices have hovered above the 30,000 mark, give or take a few thousand above or below it in the last week. You can consider this to be a point where you can decide how much you would like to buy on the auspicious day of Dhanteras this Diwali. The MCX live prices for gold consider gold prices to be on the positive upper level for the week.

For the domestic users who find gold prices today to be too high can opt for silver. Silver prices today have rallied and gone up on the weak dollar. The domestic consumer can think of buying silver as silver prices today are not as high as gold because it is sold on kilo basis.The MCX live prices for silver predict them to be trading in profit in the next week. So whether the people decides to buy silver or gold, they can be assured of a little high prices on the backs of high demand and low supply of the precious metal in the markets for domestic consumption.

Once you have decided to buy a gold or silver, check for the gold prices today or silver prices today in your city. There are numerous websites offering price information for gold and silver either for the day or on real time basis. You can check them before you buy. Look for sales and offers given by jewellers across the market, which may get you gold at best gold prices that day. That will give you the advantage of getting the best gold price in India. Jewellers across India offer numerous gold saving schemes that permit you to lock your purchase for a specific quantity at a specific gold rate today in the city. If nothing else walk into a jeweller’s store and check for the gold price today or the silver price today.

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