How to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Card Fraud?

How to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Card Fraud?

Identity theft and credit card fraud are common problems associated with credit card use. Credit cards are really convenient for purchasing products online or paying bills in a restaurant. However, with credit card use, the threat of identity theft and credit scam is always present. The crime may be committed by hackers online or waiters from your favorite restaurant. Credit card scams by ID thieves are a serious problem that should not be taken for granted. You need to know how to protect your identity from crooks looking for opportunities to steal your information. In other words, being vigilant at all times is the best identity theft prevention and credit card fraud prevention tool.

Never leave your card unattended

This one is the most basic scam prevention. Keep an eye on your credit card when outdoors and put it in a secure place, such as your wallet or purse. Your wallet must be kept close to your body at all times while you should always stay alert for any suspicious things around you. As much as possible, avoid crowded areas. Thieves love places with lots of people. Finally, bring only one card to use for your shopping and leave the others in a secure place at home.

Know the importance of shredding documents containing credit card information

Have you heard of dumpster divers? They’re identity thieves who search trash bins for any discarded billing statements that they can use. Don’t just toss your old statements directly into the trash bin because it’s possible that they will fall into the wrong hands. Shred all documents with your card information and throw the pieces in different trash bags to avoid becoming the next victim of dumpster divers.

Never give your card information to anyone

Even if someone calls or emails you claiming to be from your credit card provider, do not disclose your credit card information. Take note, criminals will do anything to catch you off guard and obtain your card information. Call your card issuer through their customer service line and verify email or phone call really came from them, just to be sure.

Exercise caution when using your card online

Online fraud is hard to detect because of the anonymity of the internet. Online shopping and other online transactions make use of your credit card information, so it is important to only buy from credible and well-known sites where consumer reviews are always positive. This lessens the risk of identity fraud or problems with undelivered purchases. If you happen to encounter an online business that asks you to provide your card details through email as a mode of payment, opt out and buy somewhere else. There is no guarantee that your personal information is protected from this and other forms of credit fraud.

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