How To Trade Stocks With An iPhone

How To Trade Stocks With An iPhone

Today, with the advance of technology, it’s possible to trade stocks at the comfort of your iPhone. This is particularly beneficial if you are a person with a busy lifestyle, as you will be able to place trades even if you are away from your computer. The Apple iPhone has become increasingly popular, especially among traders who want to have an edge in their career.

To trade stocks with an iPhone, you will start by visiting the Apple’s iPhone App online store on your iPhone and search and download an app that enables you to trade stocks. Several apps are available at the online store and you will choose the one that serves your interests best. Some of them include iStockManager, Virtual Stock Market Lite, and E-Trade Mobile Pro.

It is important that you select and app that enables you to trade stocks, not just one that enables you to see the various stock quotes and news. In addition, you should be familiar with the description of the app before installing it on your iPhone. For instance, if you want to use the iStockManager, you have to sign up for a TDAmeritrade trader account.

After you have successfully installed the app on your iPhone, you can enter your username and password and start trading stocks in real time. Remember to keep your log-in details away from unauthorized access. When logged into the application, you will be able to access all the tools you need for trading stocks.

Trading stocks with an iPhone is a not a tedious task. After you’ve mastered how to operate an iPhone, you’ll find using it for stock trading to be very easy. Whichever application you use for online trading, you’ll save yourself the obligation of being on your computer screen every time you want to trade stocks.

One of the best loved applications is the iStockManager. It allows you to manage your TDAmeritrade trader account directly from your iPhone. Using this application, you’ll be able to place buy and sell orders, add your stock positions, and access the stock charts with immediate streaming quotes.

To sum it all, with an application on your iPhone, you’ll be able to make money from anywhere without being limited to your computer. Importantly, if you have a busy lifestyle, you’ll not need to worry of missing that wonderful trade opportunity because you had to attend to some urgent important issue.

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