I Don’t Want To Be A Financial Burden

I Don’t Want To Be A Financial Burden

Do you fear getting old? If yes, why?
Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with fear, and definitely nothing’s wrong with getting old. Even if they’re put together.

I do fear getting old! That’s one of my greatest, if not the greatest, fear in life.

When I went to the United State, senior citizens (in general) live a happy life. They travel around the world, receive more than enough monthly pension, and they’re secure with their [sometimes free] medical benefits.

Very different from my hometown where they receive 20% discount on goods. Free cinema perhaps. But a little to none medical benefits. And I’m just talking about the middle class here. How about those who rely on their children?

Again, let me make myself clear here: I love my parents and my old folks.
I will everything that my monetary riches can afford, to save their lives if the worst could come. I may not save their life, but I could at least extend it further.

Going back, you may argue that we have medical benefits both from the government and from the private company we worked with. let me tell you, medical benefits from private companies are only good for as long as you’re still serving them. When you’re retired, you’re left with just the government. And I bet you know just how much they provide. It is a big help, but it will never be enough.

That’s why I fear the numbers ‘6’ and ‘5’ put together more than ‘3’ and ‘0’ (and still be single).

Let’s face it! In terms of medical benefits, we’re better off abroad than home. That’s why migrating is an open possibility for me and my future family.

Here’s a true-to-life scenario:

A sick old man in his 70’s talking to his children, “You don’t have to spend that loads of cash. I’m old. Just let me die.”

How many times have you heard that line? Clearly, the old man is not focused on getting well. He’s focused on how much will be spent on medications. He doesn’t realize that his family needs him alive more than dead.

If you were the child, will let him die? Of course not! And if I am in the child’s shoes, I want to hear this:

“My children, don’t worry. No matter how painful this is, I will fight to live.”

If I was the old man, I want to be to able to say that too! But sadly, money is always an issue. No matter how much you’ll ignore it, it always is, and ever will be.

Let’s get things straight.

Money is not my measure of success. But financial independence is.

That’s being financially independent to my wife, and most specially to my kids. It’s true that the millions of money that I’ll have would be worth nothing when I’m about to die.

Please allow me to say it: I will not be a financial burden!

I want my kids to focus on providing for their own families. Not for me.
I don’t want to be a selfish old man saying, “You don’t have to spend that much. Just let me die.”
I want my kids to focus on praying for me to get well. Not praying for additional cash.
I want my clan to need me alive more than dead.
I want to be prepared on that day.
And I will be prepared on that day!

If I have to spend all my fortune just to extend my life (then die eventually), then so be it. At least it’s my money to spend. Not anyone else’s.

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Carlo is an experienced stock market investor and trader. Learn more how you could retire rich and be financially free, by investing in the stock market. To learn more, please visit his website, Pinoy Stock Market – Stock Market Investment Guide For Newbies.

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