Retire young: a simple step by step process to retire in 5 years or less

Retire young: a simple step by step process to retire in 5 years or less

Today most Americans are working well into their 70’s. In fact a recent poll showed that approximately 5% of Americans were able to achieve full retirement by age 65. Many people are stunned by this number and are completely unaware of the reason for this.

The problem lies in the fact that most Americans rely on trading hours for dollars to earn an income. When your income is a product of the number of hours you work there is a problem: there are so many hours in a day and therefore you cannot get ahead by simply working more hours. Think about it, when was your last pay raise? How much was it? Did it help make ends meet? Were you able to put that income aside in savings? You see the actual cost of living will always be higher than the pay increases people receive. Econ 101.

Now it is well documented that the average American is much more concerned with getting by today than what there future holds. So let’s think about this for a minute. If you were building a time leveraged residual income that would allow you to retire in 5 years, don’t you think that your current income would have to be greatly increased? Of course it would! This means you actually can have your cake and eat it too. Build for tomorrow while benefiting today!

The answer to this problem is developing the ability to leverage your time. By leveraging your time you are able to earn an income even when you are not actually working. This is easier said than done and many people attempt this without success. The key to being successful at this is choosing the right vehicle to get you there. If you want to quickly get from Los Angeles to New York you do not ride a donkey! You take an airplane. The right vehicle is EVERYTHING!

I am the perfect example of going from a trading hours for dollars to a time leverage income. After graduating college in 1993 I spent 18 years trading hours for dollars. Although my salary was pretty good I soon realized that the cost of living was growing faster than my raises. I knew eventually a “Pretty Good” income would turn into a “Survival Income”. If you would like to learn the step by step process I used to go from that life style to one where I now leverage my time to earn a residual income click on the link below to begin this process for free!

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I worked 2 decades in the  construction industry and at age 41 found myself dead broke with tons of debt. Having a wife and 3 kids I knew I had to do something or we were not going to make it. I researched over 75 different options before I finally found The Solution! I love sharing this Solution with others and helping them find the same success that my family and I have!

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