Small investors in the Stock market

Small investors in the Stock market

The small investors are one of the most important components and protagonists of the capital market. The firm movement of them keeps the house of the members at the market alive. They are seen busy with activities containing buying and selling of the shares during the market time. The service holders, students, teachers, housewives and business men and so forth belong to the small investors. Although they take part in the market regularly, they can dominate the market a little because they do not have huge capital for investment. The big financial institutions, merchants, bank and business men are the main player at the market. The buzzing of the market includes many unemployed people who are engaged in the market to fend for their families. Though the stock market is full of risks, they join the market with the hope that one day capital market anchors them into the self-sufficiency. If it is focused on the one year activities of the small investors from the begin to the end , it reveals that they gain a goodish amount of profit while the big financial institutions, banks and big business men gain huge profit due to their capital strength. As most of the small investors are raw and ignorant regarding share market and on the ground of rumors, they rushed to the market. While the market is gaining, they grow their presence more and more taking part in buying and selling with excited and happy mood. In contrast, while the market is going down, they reduce their presence at the market. The shortfall is that most of the investors have little knowledge about share market. They think that profit will drain from the share they are buying in short time. But it did not happen. The capital market is enlarged with billions of dollars and it is perceived that all kinds of people comprising of scrupulous, unscrupulous, honest, dishonest and un-ethical persons might be converged the market.

It is not wonder that some un-ethical persons want impose their evil desire in manipulating the share prices abnormally high or low to deceive the investors. As the small investors composes a significant portion of the people in the country, their interest need safe guard from the government. It is exposed that people having limited income are eager to attach with the share markets. The competent authority are required to arrange appropriate training for small investors regularly so that they can obtain maturity, skilled and groomed for the business. The bustling presence of the investors are necessary to  both the member of house and government as the latter is obtaining tax and formers existence is concerned with the  active participation of the investors.

The authority of the Stock Market should formulate stringent rules to curb any discrepancy and manipulation occurred to the market. Millions of people are associated with the share market contributing to the countries growing business capability. Hence, the respective authority and government shall monitor, supervise and manage to turn the market proper way where congenial ambience of the share market is upheld and also ensure the interest of the small investors.

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