Tips to follow when you buy your first house

Tips to follow when you buy your first house

IF you are planning to buy house for the very first thing there are a lot of things which you need to consider in your mind which will help you in choosing the right house for your family.

  • It’s very important to check the rates of the house in your area and also the market price to compare the price given by the real estate company and the actual price in the market. This will help you in building a trust on the real estate guy you have approached. It might happen that the price which is actually for the house in your area is less than the price given by the real estate agent. That’s the time you need to understand that he or she is fooling you and start searching for another alternative.
  • You need to have a proper planning for the mortgage payment Florida First Time Home Buyer which you will have to pay on monthly basis. It might happen that you will not be able to pay the money as planned. Hence, it’s very important to have a proper planning which will help you in managing your financial sheet in the right manner and calculate properly to pay back the mortgage amount.
  • When you save for the house it’s important to keep aside some amount of money which you will have to pay for tax, insurance and also buying basic things for the house. Other important things can be listed down and bought with time however these are some things which cannot be ignored. So plan accordingly and keep aside some money extra untouched to pay for these things.
  • You need to make a breakage on the overall investment which you will have to do on tax, income, settling costs, title fee, first down payment and various other association fee.
  • You need to properly plan things before you spend on the house. If you spend just 30% of the income on your house it’s a very poor investment. Being a first house in your life it’s important to spend some extra money as its going to be a long time investment in your life.
  • If the place is new for you then it’s important to take as much information you can take from the real estate guy. Things like transportation, nearby metro station, the climateFree Articles, which is the best thing around the area and so on.
  • Check if the area is accessible for your kids to go to their school and various other places. Know your neighbors as you would need them during emergencies. Take information about the area which is nearby from the place you are staying. Which is the nearest hospital which will be needed anytime.

So these are some things which you need not ignore when you decide to buy a new house.




Shawn Peter is a former realtor turned grant writer who now works with MortgageGrants to help low-income and down payment assistance program get under their very own roof. Follow @mortgagegrants on Twitter to see what he has to say!

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